Pyrus takes up a special position within the genre Neue deutsche Härte (new german hardship) with their unusual looks and the distinct conceptual background of their music.

On stage, the band takes their audience on a journey into the future and presents their special vision of a possible course of events – wrapped in spectacular music and explosive optics.

Frontman Roxxi Diamond sings about what humanity is currently creating for itself with either distorted screams or melodic clear vocals. Solid guitar riffs, dense rhythms and multi-faceted vocals  support the act and are the distinguishing feature of Pyrus.

Their shows stay in the minds of people for a long time and stimulate their thoughts.

This German metal band has opened up the genre "Epic Post-Apokalytic Metal". The band uses elements of Nu Metal, Death Rock, as well as the "New German Hardship". The band addresses  true events and current threats but also the lack of human ethics. When it comes to their musical influence, they are inspired by bands like Rammstein, Linkin Park but also bands like Avatar, Slipknot, and Arch Enemy.



“ONE FOR ALL - Events and more”
Mr. Pierré Hansen van Oosterzee

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